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What we offer

The right product for your needs

Global Pricing

Global Pricing optimizes the in-app purchase prices per country, resulting in more payers, more transactions and more revenue.

Promotional Pricing

Promotional Pricing uses machine learning to predict each player's price sensitivity and likelihood to purchase, and chooses the right moment to optimize the price of an in-game offer.

Gamification Tactics

Gamification Tactics is a plug-and-play suite of mechanics that drives player behavior and enhance KPIs. It enables various mechanics such as daily missions, achievements, Scratch & Win mini games and more than that, encourage players to play more, see ads and buy bundles.

Personalized Interstitials

With Personalized Interstitials, marketers can create and optimize interstitial campaigns for conversion using a robust multi-variate testing framework. This allows them to test which combination of interstitial components achieves the highest conversion rate.

Fast deployment

Quick and easy integration that doesn't require an SDK. We can complete deployment in a few days so that you can experience results in less than a month.

Deep insights

Our cloud-based platform not only automates price changes but also gives you deep insights into player behavior, helping you better understand what works and what doesn't.