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Why Personalized Interstitials?

When creating a personalized interstitial campaign, there are many things you need to think about. Background images, logos, copy and call-to-action buttons are all important. You also need to use different marketing tools and platforms to get the desired result. Creating interstitials is not easy because:

  • Game and app developers typically run very basic A/B tests during a soft launch of a game or app to decide core features, layout, and monetization tactics before launching full-scale.
  • Executing an A/B test experiment correctly is not easy.
  • Post-launch there is usually little optimization done due to the lack of tools specifically designed to facilitate the process, and as the audience grows, typical A/B testing tools do not provide the sophistication and automation required to run multi-variate tests.
  • This will create inefficiencies of time, resources and money spent. Most importantly there is money left on the table which could maximize UA spend ROI.

Easy Banner Creation

Through wappier’s Adobe XD plugin you can easily create, organize and edit all your assets individually, combine them together, and upload them to the Next Best Action portal.

Multi-variate testing

Run multiple experiments simultaneously for multiple audiences based on user characteristics you choose, with advanced triggering and user delivery options.

Real-time Analytics

Activate your campaign and start tracking your campaign's performance. Identify the best-performing campaigns and run new tests with them.

Self or Managed Service

Our tools and services are user-friendly and easy to use. In any case, though, you’ll have a dedicated Product Manager to help you out or run your campaigns for you.