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This is a list of the ready to go Gamification Tactics to be deployed in your game.


Objectives improve Gameplay Progression and Engagement.

Each Objective has multiple tasks that reward players with in-game items and/or Loyalty Points when completed.

We can make them as easy or complex to use as needed, depending on the game they're designed for:

  • Daily or Weekly Objectives (e.g. four tasks per day or week)
  • Specific Seasonal Objectives (special objectives for Winter Holiday season, Valentine's day, etc.) on top of our normal Objectives

Quests improve Gameplay Progression.

Quests are a sequence of tasks that the player can complete in a fixed order and are related to game progression (e.g., completing game levels). For each task the player completes, they are rewarded with in-game items and/or Loyalty Points.

Quests can target different audiences in your game.

Tier System

Tier System improves Gameplay Progression and Retention.

There are six different tiers available in the Loyalty program that are associated with the user's status in the game: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond & VIP.

The Tier System operates on a point-based system that allows users to advance tiers as they progress through the game and complete tasks. As they advance in tiers, they are given access to bigger rewards and more cashback options.

The Tier System can also be used as part of a Cross Game Loyalty Program: users can play more games from the same publisher and the points they earn count towards new tiers.


Achievements improve Gameplay Progression.‚Äč

With Achievements, users are rewarded for reaching big milestones within the game.

Achievement difficulty will vary. For example, some may be for beginners (such as completing 5 seasons) and others for more experienced players (like reaching 1 million loyalty points). Quality and quantity of rewards is dependent on the difficulty of the achievement.

Scratch & Win

Scratch & Win improves Engagement.

The tactic has the look and feel of a mini-game: The players choose one card from a selection of five, scratch it, and then reveal a reward. Depending on predetermined odds, the players could win in-game items, loyalty points, or special perks provided for seasonal events or for the wappier Loyalty program.

Scratch & Win can be available every x number of hours, and let the players know through a notification when the scratch is active again.

Point System

Point System boosts Monetization, Engagement, and Gameplay Progression.

We start by analyzing player behavior from in-game events (completed levels, purchases, power-ups used & many more) to understand which of these events are important for the players.

Then, we create a point system to drive player behavior into boosting your most important KPIs. Players get rewarded for completing specific in-game events (like completing levels, seeing ads, purchasing in-game items with either hard or soft currency) with "Loyalty Points".

When they get enough points, they can exchange them to get in-game items. This way, we get the players hooked to using these items while playing your game and thus we convert them into buyers.

Point Boosters

There are two types of Point Boosters: Happy Day and Happy Hour.

  • Happy Day boosts all Loyalty Points earned in game for a day.
  • Happy Hour boosts all Loyalty Points earned in game for a specific time period (e.g., 2-3 hours).

In both types, the multiplier we choose (x2, x3) affects the number of points the players earn. We configure these Point Booster Tactics to increase user retention for specified periods of time.