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How do Personalized Interstitials work?

Personalized Interstitials Campaigns

① Prepare Creatives

You can use the wappier content Generator for Adobe XD to create assets for your marketing campaigns. This will help you to create a professional and polished look for your campaigns. You can then export these assets and use them in your marketing materials.​

② Set up Campaigns

You can use our portal to target specific people for your campaign and define where to place your ad. There are many other options you can choose to make sure your campaign is perfect.

③ Serve Personalized Actions

Our tool will show the users the perfect combination of graphical assets and text. All the triggers to show the Personalized Interstitials should be configured in ②.

④ Analytics Reports

Track overall campaign conversion as well as conversion for each interstitial in the test on wappier’s analytics dashboard.