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Do you just lower prices or raise prices?

For Global Pricing, we are adjusting storefront prices on a per country basis and -in the vast majority of cases- we lower prices. We might only raise in a couple of countries where users have high disposable income and high propensity to spend (we consider among others Macroeconomic Data and Game Market Statistics). For pricing offers we also lower prices: we present a special offer to player to either

  • get first purchase, or
  • reward a payer with a deal when we think the player is going to churn (“one last spend”)
How does wappier prevent players finding out that the pricing is different?

Generally, it is a time-based special offer. We are not a storefront take over where dynamically serving different players in same country.

What is the benefit of wappier doing Global Pricing instead of us?

Advantages of having wappier define & fine-tune optimal price points for each country-SKU combination: This is not a trial & error exercise for us. Our Optimal Pricing Index is driven by data:

  • Market-context (microeconomic and macroeconomic data, GDP / capita, disposable income) up to country / state / city / zip code level.
  • Game context (game genre, number of SKUs)
  • User context (MAU per country/state/city/zip code, ARPU, ARPPU, transactions per user, number of unique payers, number of whales, penetration ratio, willingness to spend per mobile platform, purchase patterns)
  • Time context (evolution of the above as time-series, to track average level, seasonality, trend etc)

We have tested it multiple times & fine-tuned based on prior results:

  • Different countries
  • Different games & genres
  • Different price point
What type of access does wappier have?

wappier has developer level access so that we can import prices and set new prices in Google Play. We do not have login information. We do not have access to other apps. Human being is not involved!

The Google Service Key export requires the service account permissions for the following roles: “Owner”, “Service Account User”, “Service Account Token Creator” and the access is granted with the permissions: “Edit store listing, pricing and distribution”, “View financial data”.

Regarding the iOS Global Pricing with the usual operational model, in which wappier performs the price changes we demand from you, the publisher, to grant wappier with the role “App Manager”. However if you are not comfortable with this, wappier can share the optimized price tiers and you will be responsible to perform the necessary changes from their iTunes Connect dashboard.

How often to do you change prices?

The frequency depends on the performance and the data availability. We rarely change prices significantly before two weeks have passed. However, this scenario cannot be precluded, e.g., in cases where currency fluctuates wildly. As the optimal price is dynamic (i.e., changing over time), prices are monitored endlessly and updated every 2-6 weeks following a multi-armed bandit approach.

Can we have access to data?

We are happy to share any data collected via our SDK with you (either SDK-Pricing or Loyalty programs). Not everything is available directly through our console, but a data extract can be easily arranged for use with your Data Warehouse / Analytics solution.