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Why Promotional Pricing?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Pricing. Our program aims to change the playing and spending behavior of users to establish long-term revenue streams.

Maximize Revenue

IAP revenues can be increased by figuring out how likely a user is to buy and what the best price per user is for promotional offers in a game.

Increase Engagement

AI-driven prescriptive analytics are responsible for dynamically generating targeted promotional offers at the right time and with the right price, thus increasing payer conversion when it counts.

Gain Behavioral Insights

Our cloud platform automates the next best offer for each person. It also gives you valuable information about how people interact with the game and how much they spend, which helps you, the publisher, to figure out what works and what doesn't.

Complexity of Pricing Optimizations

To achieve a flawless execution and positive results when running any sort of pricing optimization, a lot of effort from several teams is required.

What we offer with our Promotional Pricing program is access to our world class Data Science, Data Engineering and ML teams.

These teams are in charge of:

In addition to the core teams’ expertise, we also offer comprehensive analytics and industry insights, such as:

All of the above would have to be done by you and would have to use your own resources to make sure the pricing optimization works. We take care of this with the Pricing Optimization program, which is based on our hands-on experience with more than 60 games from 20 publishers across all platforms.