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The Pricing Optimization SDK consists of a set of binary libraries and some common .h header files.

Here’s how it works:

  • Events are recorded each time an action is performed (e.g., the INAPP_ACTION event), every time the user launches the game (e.g., the OPEN event) and the first time the game runs on the user’s device (e.g., the FIRST_RUN event).
  • Then, they are processed in real time by wappier’s Revenue Management Platform and Machine Learning Technology in order for the user to be rewarded with the corresponding reward.

Here are some of the events required to be tracked from your game and used by wappier’s Machine Learning Technology to optimize Loyalty performance in your game:

Event NameTypeRecorded when
FIRST_RUNUniqueUser installs the game for the first time
OPENRepetitiveUser launches the game
TIME_SPENTRepetitiveUser exits the game
PURCHASERepetitiveUser buys an in-app product
CUSTOM_EVENT_NAMEUnique or RepetitiveDepending on the game, a variety of actions
can be tracked and incentivized.
Some event examples:


User data tracking and real-time processing by the wappier Revenue Management Platform and Machine Learning Technology.


wappier will provide you with an API key to be added to the game during integration for the wappier Optimization SDK to communicate with the Revenue Management Platform.

  • For an iOS deploy, wappier SDK needs Xcode v8.0 or later versions to work properly
  • For an Android deploy, wappier SDK needs Android SDK 16 (v4.1) or later versions to work properly.