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How does Gamification Tactics work?

  • First, we familiarize ourselves with your game to understand its best features.

  • Then, we access your user data to analyze their behavior and train our machine learning algorithms. This allows us to predict the optimal number of rewards for each user action.

  • After that, we create content that reflects your game identity and close the loop by adding appropriate rewards for each mechanic. Lastly, we design UI elements that'll make it seem like our Tactics were always intended to be a part of your game.


To get user data, we have to integrate with either your services or your game. We offer many integration options, including the following:

  • SDK Integration

    Integrate the wappier Optimization SDK into your game. We support SDK wrappers for: native games, unity games & Cocos 2D games. SDK integration is simple: our SDK resembles a normal tracking SDK.

  • S2S integration

    With our S2S Integration, you won't have to integrate another SDK into your game. We understand that you likely already have enough on your plate. With this integration option, all data exchange will happen remotely (like a Kafka stream). You'll provide our backend services with real-time user information (i.e. user x completed level y, achieving score z) and, in return, our backend services will populate your popups with content and rewards for the users, as well as extra information about how to best utilize this - both content & UI wise.

User Behavior Analysis

After we've collected your user data, we'll begin using it to train our machine learning models. We need at least two weeks' worth of data to generate the first content configuration for your game - always depending on the number of active users (the more the better).

Finding the Optimal Configuration

We A/B test different configurations for your game non-stop, to ensure that it is always running smoothly. We constantly monitor old and new user behavior and feedback so that we can make changes accordingly. This way, you can always be confident that your users are happy with the game experience.